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Kalor M20 Eco series wood stove

cod: PA1053G022-en
1.500,00 VAT incl.

VIESSMANN Vitoclima 200-S air conditioner – MONO 9000 / 21000 BTU

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Cadel pellet stove Spirit 5kW series

1.190,00 VAT incl.

MCZ Performa 35 HQ Easy Clean pellet boiler

5.080,005.150,00 VAT incl.

Radiator Irsap GEO 818/550 series colour Natural Beige (ready for delivery)

cod: ECS055B38IR01NNN-en
100,00 VAT incl.

Pellet stove Cadel Tile Plus 10kW series

2.600,00 VAT incl.

MCZ pellet stove series AKI Hydromatic 24 M2+

3.990,004.170,00 VAT incl.

MCZ pellet stove series Ego Comfort Air 10kW M2+

2.220,002.370,00 VAT incl.

Cadel wood-burning cooker Kook 60 4.0 series

1.990,002.100,00 VAT incl.