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CTM Italia Basic 18/24/30 wood thermofireplaces DOOR TO VERTICAL DISAPPEARANCE TBSCS18/24/30

2.400,003.200,00 VAT incl.

CTM Italia Basic Plus 18/24/30 wood thermofireplaces FLAT DOOR TO VERTICAL DISAPPEARANCE TBSCPLS18/24/30

2.950,003.650,00 VAT incl.

CTM Italia Basic Plus 24/30 wood thermofireplaces TWO-LEAF OPENING TBSCPLA24/30

2.900,003.500,00 VAT incl.

Wood thermofireplaces CTM Italia Basic Deluxe HERMETIC DOOR TDXA19 / TDXS19 / TDXA19AC / TDXS19AC

3.450,004.150,00 VAT incl.