Pellet stoves, heaters, and boilers: eco-friendly choices for home heating

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In an increasingly sustainability-oriented world, pellet heating solutions are emerging as efficient and eco-friendly alternatives. Pellet stoves, fireplaces, and boilers are advantageous options, providing thermal comfort while reducing environmental impact.

Pellet stoves, heaters, and boilers utilize wood industry by-products to generate heat. This process minimizes carbon dioxide emissions, contributing to environmental preservation. Additionally, these solutions offer versatility, as they can heat spaces, provide hot water, or perform both functions.

Differences between pellet stoves, pellet heaters, and pellet boilers

Pellet fireplaces

  • Heat the entire home
  • Aesthetically pleasing and compact design
  • Provide hot water
  • Minimal footprint

Pellet stoves

  • Heat the room and adjacent areas
  • Compact and decorative design
  • Do not provide hot water
  • Minimal footprint

Pellet boilers

  • Power the entire heating system
  • Installed in a dedicated space
  • Provide hot water
  • Considerable footprint

Pellet Bonus 2023: An incentive for ecology

Starting from January 1, 2023, the pellet bonus is in effect, reducing the VAT rate on pellets from 22% to 10%. This tax incentive, valid until the end of the year, makes pellets an even more affordable and sustainable option compared to traditional fuels.

All individuals and businesses can benefit from this 10% reduced VAT rate on pellet purchases, both for domestic and non-domestic heating. Additionally, those with a VAT number can deduct the VAT fiscally, further optimizing costs.

Focus on pellet solutions

Pellet stoves: Sustainable comfort

Modern pellet stoves combine efficiency and affordability. They heat the environment and provide hot water, ensuring low operating costs and a reduced ecological footprint. Although the initial investment is substantial, long-term savings justify this choice.

However, one must consider the space requirements and installation costs, including the need to connect the pellet stove to a chimney.

Choose a pellet heater for targeted warmth

Pellet heaters are ideal solutions for heating specific areas of the house. They quickly produce warm air, are easy to clean, and offer excellent efficiency. However, they are limited in heating very large spaces and require electrical installation and a chimney.

Pellet boiler: Controlled maximum power

The pellet boiler is comparable to a gas boiler and is suitable for heating large spaces such as villas or multifamily units. Its efficient production of hot air and water makes it a versatile choice. However, one should consider the space requirements, initial costs, and the need for regular maintenance.

Choosing a pellet solution

Although initial costs may be a deterrent, the efficiency and reduced environmental impact make any pellet solution a beneficial long-term investment. The VAT reduction through the 2023 pellet bonus is an additional incentive to consider these ecological and sustainable options for both home and business heating. In doing so, we contribute to preserving our planet and creating a more sustainable and conscious future.

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