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The digital solution of Viessmann water softeners

Viessmann Water Softeners: A Winning Technological Choice

Water softening is a fundamental step in protecting our hydraulic systems and improving our quality of life. Among the numerous options available on the market, Viessmann water softeners stand out for their reliability and effectiveness, thanks to the use of advanced technologies that guarantee superior performance compared to competitors.

Viessmann VS74 Water Softener

The Viessmann model is distinguished by its ability to significantly reduce the presence of limescale in water, avoiding the formation of deposits and the consequent reduction in system efficiency. Compared to another manufacturer’s 74 model, the Viessmann water softener guarantees superior performance in terms of reducing limescale, thanks to the presence of state-of-the-art technology that allows for greater efficiency in water softening.

Viessmann VS34 Water Softener

Even compared to another manufacturer’s 34 model, the Viessmann water softener proves to be a winning choice. In this case, the difference lies mainly in its ability to adapt to the different needs of users, thanks to a wide range of adjustments and functions that allow for customizing water softening based on the context’s characteristics and specific user needs.

Viessmann VS420, VS282, and VS559 Water Softeners

Viessmann also offers other models of water softeners: the VS420 model is suitable for the needs of condominiums with up to 11 apartments with a maximum water hardness of 30°F, while the VS282 model is suitable for condominiums with up to 11 apartments with a maximum water hardness of 20°F, more useful for fewer users and higher hardness. Finally, the VS559 model is suitable for the needs of large families, with a high regeneration capacity.

All of these Viessmann water softener models use ion exchange technology to remove limescale and other minerals from water. The water softening process is based on the replacement of calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions. Salt is then used to regenerate the resin beads, which have the ability to exchange ions in water.

Using Viessmann Water Softeners

Viessmann water softeners are very easy to use and require little attention. Salt is loaded into the water softener’s tank, which has a capacity of several kilograms. Depending on the amount of water used, the water softener regenerates automatically, using the salt present in the tank.

In case of maintenance needs, Viessmann water softeners are equipped with an auto-diagnostic system that signals any malfunctions or anomalies. In addition, the company offers a specialized technical assistance service for the maintenance and repair of softeners, guaranteeing a quality and timely service.

Domestic Viessmann Water Softener: Customization and Control

Viessmann’s softeners for domestic use offer a wide range of settings and functions that allow you to customize the water softening according to the specific needs of users. Thanks to the digital solution proposed by the company, it is possible to constantly monitor the state of the softener and adjust it in a simple and intuitive way, using a smartphone or tablet application.

Maintenance and Regulation of Viessmann Softeners

To guarantee maximum performance, Viessmann softeners require periodic maintenance and correct regulation. In this sense, the digital solution proposed by the company represents a significant advantage, allowing to constantly monitor the state of the softener and intervene promptly when necessary.

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