Why choose Viessmann condensing boilers?

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They are the best condensing boilers on the market because they represent a smart and advanced choice for those seeking efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly solutions for home heating.

Technological Excellence and Innovation

Viessmann is synonymous with technological excellence and continuous innovation in the heating industry. Viessmann condensing boilers incorporate the latest technologies to ensure cutting-edge performance and maximum energy efficiency. This translates into reliable and consistent heating, contributing to the comfort of your home.

Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Viessmann is committed to actively contributing to environmental sustainability. Thanks to their high energy efficiency, Viessmann condensing boilers help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimize environmental impact.

Viessmann wall-mounted condensing boiler series Vitodens 050-W

1.819,022.171,60 VAT incl.

Viessmann wall-mounted condensing boiler series Vitodens 100-W

2.548,583.190,30 VAT incl.

Viessmann wall-mounted condensing boiler series Vitodens 100-E

cod: vitodens100e-en
2.071,56 VAT incl.

What to Know Before Purchasing a Condensing Boiler?

When preparing to purchase a condensing boiler, it is crucial to be well-informed to make the most advantageous choice in terms of energy efficiency and thermal comfort.

Condensing Boiler Installation: Useful Tips

Government incentives for replacing open-flue and room-sealed boilers with more efficient models, such as condensing boilers or hybrid systems like hybrid boilers or heat pumps, have been introduced. Despite initial costs, tax incentives and savings on bills, up to 30%-35% on gas consumption, make the purchase of a condensing boiler an affordable investment with a medium to long-term return, promoting green choices for the protection of our planet.

Energy Efficiency

These systems harness the residual heat from exhaust gases, recovering it to further heat the water. Always check the energy label and opt for models with an A or higher rating to maximize energy savings.

Size and Power

A crucial aspect is the correct size and power of the boiler. Use keywords like “thermal load calculation” to ensure the boiler is proportionate to the size of your home. An installation that is too large or too small can compromise overall efficiency.

Maintenance and Technical Support

Regular maintenance is essential to preserve the performance of this type of condensing heating. Look for models that offer easy maintenance, and equally important, ensure that a reliable technical support service is available. This will ensure optimal operation over time.

Type of Fuel

Another key consideration is the type of fuel used. Condensing boilers are available for natural gas, diesel, or LPG. Evaluate the availability of fuel in your area and the sustainability of the options available.

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