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Radiator Irsap GEO 818/550 series colour Natural Beige (ready for delivery)

cod: ECS055B38IR01NNN-en
100,00 VAT incl.

Eve Mini 11kW series electric car charging station

cod: 7729676-en
800,00 VAT incl.

Tubò central vacuum cleaner series Unica Inox UX3

cod: CMUX3-en
800,00 VAT incl.

Cadel pellet stove series Atena Plus 12 metal Titanium

cod: 7120001-en
1.400,00 VAT incl.

Samsung WindFree Avant Series Air Conditioners 9000 and 12000 BTU

600,00650,00 VAT incl.

Design radiator IRSAP QUADRAQUA S series standard white (ready for delivery)

cod: QDRS030B01IRNNN004p.t.-en
990,00 VAT incl.

BOSCH heat pump CS3000 AWS 15s-ES series code 7735252172

cod: 7735252172-en
4.000,00 VAT incl.

MCZ pellet stove series Suite Hydromatic 24kW with Bordeaux ceramic cladding

cod: 7116021-6916006-en
2.750,00 VAT incl.

MCZ pellet boiler series Selecta 15 HQ S1

cod: 7321006-en
2.600,00 VAT incl.