Wood stoves: a guide to choosing

Choosing a wood stove can be complex, especially if you don’t have a clear idea of which type of stove is suitable for your needs. In this article, we will explore the different options available on the market, from Nordic wood stoves, ventilated wood stoves, to cast iron wood stoves and long-lasting wood stoves.


  • Nordic Wood Stoves

Also known as Scandinavian wood stoves, these stoves are designed to heat rooms efficiently and with a minimalist and clean design. These stoves are often made of steel or cast iron and have a low height, which makes them suitable for small spaces. Furthermore, Nordic wood stoves are often equipped with a ventilation system that allows for better heat diffusion within the room.

  • Ventilated Wood Stoves

Ventilation is among the popular options for those seeking an efficient stove that can heat large spaces. These stoves are equipped with a fan system that allows for the even distribution of heat in the room, even if the room is large. Additionally, ventilated wood stoves often have a series of settings that allow for the control of the fan speed and room temperature.

If you need to heat a large space, such as a 100 sqm house, it is important to choose a ventilated wood stove that is suitable for your needs. Ventilated wood stoves for 100 sqm are often more powerful than wood stoves for smaller spaces and are capable of effectively heating a large area.

  • Cast Iron Wood Stoves

Cast iron wood stoves are a classic choice for those seeking a sturdy and durable stove. The choice of this material derives from its well-known characteristics: cast iron is resistant to heat and wear. Traditional designs made for these wood stove models are perfect for rustic or classic style spaces.

  • Space-saving Wood Stoves

For those with limited space, such as an apartment or a small house, space-saving wood stoves can be the ideal solution. These stoves are designed to heat rooms efficiently without taking up too much space. There are several models available on the market, some of which have a modern and minimalist design, while others have a more traditional style.

  • Long-lasting Wood Stoves

For those seeking a stove capable of heating the room for a long period of time without constantly having to feed it, long-lasting stoves can be an excellent choice. They heat through a system that optimizes consumption by automatically regulating the flame and combustion speed.

  • Affordable Wood Stoves

For those seeking an affordable wood stove, there are several options available on the market. Affordable wood stoves are often made of steel or cast iron and have lower power than more expensive stoves. However, even if the price is more convenient, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the stove for efficiency and safety.

Kalor and Sergio Leoni Wood Stoves

Sergio Leoni and Kalor are two Italian brands specialized in the production of wood stoves. Both offer a wide range of stoves, from small wood stoves to long-lasting stoves, and are known for the quality of their products and Italian design.

The choice of a wood stove depends on one’s needs and the characteristics of the space that needs to be heated. These two brands offer all the solutions for space or style needs, without neglecting aspects such as energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, and quality.

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