What is a radiator for?

Radiatori Irsap

A steel radiator was once considered a luxurious item, but thanks to modern technology, smart design, and the use of better materials, they are now much more affordable and accessible to everyone. A modular steel radiator performs a vital role in heating a room, but it can also offer the convenience of heating towels and washcloths.

Vertical design radiators are modern heaters that add a luxurious and appealing appearance to your room, whether it’s the kitchen or bathroom, in addition to efficient heating. Who doesn’t like to find a warm bathroom after taking a shower? Currently, there are different models, some operate on electricity, while others work with a centralized heating system. Naturally, there are also many advantages to installing a design radiator. Firstly, we recall their benefits:

  • reduce the humidity that forms in the bathroom;
  • provide adequate heat;
  • have a high-efficiency energy option;
  • have an appealing design.

After recalling some of its benefits, let’s focus on how they work. In fact, their mode of operation is different and depends on which bathroom radiator you choose. Let’s discover it together.

Radiator for heating: how it works

Radiators have two types of heating functions: they primarily heat your room using convection that attracts fresh air from the bottom of the room, and as it passes over the grooves, the air warms up and rises. This circular movement helps to block cold air from the windows and ensures that the room stays warm. Secondly, the surface of the radiator radiates heat into the room. Have you ever wondered what those cylindrical tubes were for? They are not just a design choice, they help increase the surface of your radiator so that you get more heat radiated into the room.

What is the difference between a radiator and a radiator

When we compare the radiator with a traditional radiator, you might think that the radiator can give much more heat than the radiators. However, at the same time, the design radiators also provide enough heat based on your needs. In any case, both heat the house, but in the case of the radiator, the substantial difference is that they are also true design objects useful for visually improving the appearance of the room.

What are the best radiators?

The right model for your home will allow you to get the warm room you need. For this, there are many models of design radiators such as vertical design radiators, column radiators, or horizontal radiators. Choosing the best model that fits your room will give you the adequate heat in an efficient manner. For example, vertical radiators are great for bathrooms and other small places. If we talk about horizontal design radiators, they may be more advantageous in terms of efficiency.

IRSAP Radiators: Why Choose One

IRSAP tubular radiators are the most widely used heat exchangers in living environments. They ensure homogeneous heating, reaching a maximum temperature of 95°C and provide high energy savings compared to traditional heat generators. These heating systems give an original touch to the environment, thanks to their sinuous lines and perfect geometric shapes. Here are some of the most sought-after IRSAP heating fixtures on the market.

IRSAP Tesi Radiators

The Tesi heating fixtures represent the most functional, modular, and elegant system for heating all environments. Thanks to the rounded shapes, which minimize the risk of accidents, they can also be inserted in public places, institutions, schools, and hospitals. Made with 25 mm diameter steel sheet pipes, stamped steel sheet collectors, and 45 mm element widths. The IRSAP Tesi heating fixture is available in versions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and Tesi Runner.

IRSAP Dedalo Radiators

Lines that chase each other forming a high personality geometric sign. Precisely worked steel characterizes the Dedalo IRSAP heating fixture with a defined personality. The led light (in the light model) sneaks inside the spaces, forming light and shadow games. It is provided with the innovative hydraulic connection system installed directly in the company. Available in two models, DEDALO S and DEDALO L, with two heat capacities.

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